USA Rhino Albums
The Monkees

Warner Music Group, which owns Rhino, created Run Out Groove records back in 2017.
So perhaps it was inevitable that the Monkees would appear on this label.

Original release date was March 19, 2021, then delayed
until May 7 and now till June 18.

Run Out Groove Vinyl

Transparent Yellow Vinyl (1000 copies)
(Sold Out)


Black Vinyl


According to their website each month they provide a list of titles
that could go to press, and you vote for the one you'd most
like to have in your collection.

The title that receives the most votes is available for pre-order for 30 days only.

Then they announce how many individually numbered records
will be pressed in the one-time run and begin production.
The LPs then ship 8 to 12 weeks later.


The project actually began on July 28 with Andrew Sandoval
cryptically posting images on Instagram

In the first photo you can see he wrote on the box
"7/25/20 Back In Sequence, Reinserted Spreads"

The note on LTTC indicates it had been cut out for
inclusion on side two of "Greatest Hits" COS-115.

Spreads are the spaces between the songs


Then it was announced on the Run Out Groove website
with voting beginning on September 3

"The plan would be to have Andrew and Kevin Gray cut lacquers for the
standard album from the original analog tapes and the 2 LP set would come
in a deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket with never before seen
photos and new liner notes from Andrew."

But based on the photos above the lacquers had already been cut
so if this project failed presumably Rhino would have
done something with it themselves.

Tip-on record jackets have the cover art printed on paper,
which is then glued to the cardboard. This is the way LP jackets
were originally made.


On October 9 it was announced the Monkees had won the vote
and it was now available for pre-order with the first 1000 customers
getting the transparent yellow vinyl version.

The yellow vinyl sold out in 12 hours,
which is quite impressive.