USA Bell albums

Issued only one year after Colgems final Monkees LP "Barrel Full Of Monkees",
this ended up being the only release on the Bell label in the USA.
The jacket was designed to look like an instamatic camera
with Monkee themselves the 'focus'.

Arista reissued this LP as "The Monkees Greatest Hits" in 1976
on the 10th anniversary of the band.

Released in November 1972
Highest Chart Position: --

Cash Box Magazine
November 25, 1972


Magazine Review


BELL 6081


Bestway Products
Pressing Plant

(BW suffix on label)

Silver Label


Under Catalog Number


Grey Label


Promo Sticker/Labels


Monarch Records
Pressing Plant

(MR Δ17526 in dead wax)

Promo Sticker/Labels


Presswell Records
Pressing Plant


Record Club of America
BELL 6081

RCoA was a discount mail-order retailer that wasn't affiliated with any label.
They began as just another outlet for selling records but later started
manufacturing the records themselves and these are denoted with
"Manufactured by..." on the reverse jacket.


Capitol Record Club

The jacket is the same except for "94922"
on the lower left corner of the reverse.

At the time these were pressed, Capitol had licensed their
record club to the Longines Symphonette Society.