Reel To Reel

In April 1967 RCA first introduced the pre-recorded reel-to-reel
for sale in the 3 3/4 IPS format.

In the trade papers (Billboard, Cash Box & Record World)
these were sometimes referred to as "Open Reels".

There is no specific mention of these first two releases in the trade papers.
However the twin packs for the Stereo 8s were released
in April 1967 (TM & MOTM) and February 1968 (PACJ & HQ)
so my best guess is that these were released simultaneously with the 8-tracks.

In July 1969 RCA first introduced pre-recorded cassettes for sale.
So for the Monkees, RCA shifted their releases away from these open reels
and "Present" and Changes" were subsequently released on cassette.

"The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees"
was never released on an open reel.


The Monkees
More Of The Monkees

Released in April 1967
(Best Guess)


Alternate Label


Pisces, Aquarius,
Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

Released in February 1968
(Best Guess)



Instant Replay

Released in April 1969
(Cash Box 4-19-69)




Released in May 1969
(Cash Box 5-10-69)



The Monkees Greatest Hits

Released in 1969
No mention in the trade papers when this was released.
(LP was released in June, Stereo 8 in July
and Cassette in December)