Reel To Reel

In April 1967 RCA first introduced the pre-recorded reel-to-reel
for sale in the 3 3/4 IPS format.

In the trade papers (Billboard, Cash Box & Record World)
these were sometimes referred to as "Open Reels".

In July 1969 RCA first introduced pre-recorded cassettes for sale.
So for the Monkees, RCA shifted their releases away from these open reels
and "Present" and Changes" were subsequently released on cassette.

"The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees"
was never released on an open reel.


The Monkees
More Of The Monkees

Released in November 1967



Second version
of the label & reel.


Ad from the November 1967 issue
of High Fidelity magazine


Pisces, Aquarius,
Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

Released in 1967?



1968 RCA Catalog


Instant Replay

Released in April 1969
(Cash Box 4-19-69)




Released in May 1969
(Cash Box 5-10-69)



The Monkees Greatest Hits

Released in 1969
No mention in the trade papers when this was released.
(LP was released in June, Stereo 8 in July
and Cassette in December)