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Found a promo Japanese version of the deluxe MOTM



Ed Reilly finally found a stock copy of the Japanese CD release for Live 1967

It took a few years but we were able to finally find all 16 stock & promo CDs for the Japanese
"Original Classics Collection"


Collector Michael Sievers found this incredibly rare original receipt inside his copy of
Shades Of Grey EP dated June 14, 1968.



Apparently some copies of the Instant Replay box set (2011) were shipped to Japan where
they added this unique booklet that was taped to the bottom of the box; a black & white version
of the liner notes found inside.

Even though this was released more than a decade ago,
I am just finding out that this exists!



New finds for Nesmith collectors this time from Brazil
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

His first two hit singles, Joann & Silver Moon.
Little Red Rider may not have been released there.



Found a promo copy of this EP from Brazil



An incredible new find from Akira Suzuki -

The last Monkees single Do It In The Name Of Love found on the
"Bell Best Hit Series Vol. 4" EP:


he also shared this this rare test copy of the Japanese release The Best;
a work tape with the release date of June 5, 1980 for release on cassette & LP:




Micky's Demoiselle photos (CD & LP) added to the site today.
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)



Recent finds for me: these two rare cassettes

Christmas Is My Time Of Year

It seems most people bought the single when this was available back in '86.


Tutti Legends

This one came out in the 90s when cassettes were losing their popularity to CDs
Very hard to find, but not that popular even though it has some unusual choices for songs



Found a store hanger for I'm A Believer:

Part of the tag is torn but the staples are intact, so it is sealed!



Early release for this Friday HQ in mono:
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

A release not needed nor asked for,
but perhaps would look good framed on your wall.


August 16:

Manchester Boy given a release date - October 14



Reader Stephen Wright generously shared his photos of Present from South Africa
an album that has never surfaced for sale (that I know of).

Stephen shared this LP on Facebook and pointed out that SA used the revised
rear jacket slick that corrected Neko's last name to "Chohlis".

So the revised rear jacket has shown up in Mexico, Ecuador and now South Africa.



Micky's Demoiselle released today. I hope everyone is able to afford this latest one
as 7A has released so many already this year with at least one more to go
in October with Davy!



Newly found sheet music from Spain
for their first three singles


and picked up this sealed Canadian Pisces in mono

This is a first pressing but the really tough one to find
is the later mono pressing.....and here it is courtesy of Ed Reilly:

Amazing we both found these LPs at the same time.



7A records announces a new Davy Jones release, Manchester Boy, for sale this October


Found this this reel to reel for the Pisces/Headquarters release

The box is in really good shape, the tape, not so much.



Added the fuego colored vinyl to the Nesmith page for Different Drum release
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Manchester Boy
7A Records B&W splatter vinyl
October 14, 2022


More Of The Monkees
Friday Music mono LP on emerald green or metallic gold vinyl
Fall 2022?


Super Deluxe Version or something similar
Christmas 2022?


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