Davy Jones
7A Records

Released on May 17, 2024
(May 24 in the USA)

7A064 CD


Gatefold LP on Blue Vinyl
Limited to 1000 copies

Press Release:

7A Records is proud to present Davy Jones’ “Incredible!”. A deluxe reissue of Jones' “lost” ‘80s album, remastered and expanded with bonus tracks. Released on May 24, the album is available on CD and as a limited edition 180g Blue Vinyl gatefold pressing. The CD comes with a big 36 page colour booklet. Both the CD and Vinyl formats come with extensive liner notes from Monkees historian Mark Kleiner and rare and previously unseen pictures by photographers Henry Diltz and Michael G. Bush.

Fuelled by MTV’s re-runs of the original Monkees TV series, “Incredible!” was recorded at the height of mid-‘80s Monkees comeback-euphoria. Given the flurry of activity happening on multiple fronts for the Monkees throughout 1986, especially the grueling demands of their touring schedule, the fact that Davy Jones managed to record a full album amid the chaos is somewhat staggering. “Incredible!” features several songs that could well have reached the Billboard charts, had things played out differently. However, Jones decided to hang on to the album and it ended up being self-released on cassette on his own mail order label. The minimalistic promotion and treatment of the original release belie the considerable studio and artist firepower behind these recordings. This deluxe repackaging allows this chapter in Jones’ fascinating journey
to finally more fulsomely shine.