Friday Music Albums
The Birds, The Bees
& The Monkees

Released on April 20, 2024
Record Store Day Excluisve

Limited to 2000 copies
Mono on Coral Vinyl

This was pressed at RTI, so this is not the same pressing
as the one found in the Mono Box Set.


Press Release:

Available on April 20th, 2024 for Record Store Day. Available at participating RSD stores in North America only.


Featuring smash hits like their #1 "Daydream Believer", their rockin' hit single "Valerie" and stellar "I'll Be Back Upon My Feet", The Monkees fifth effort "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" celebrates it 56th birthday this year.

As part of our continuing Monkees original Colgems releases, Friday Music is pleased to honor our legendary artists with a first-time coral colored vinyl edition of their debut smash.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso from the Colgems Records tapes, this will also be presented in stunning original MONOPHONIC Sound!

Known for its stunning line-up of top notch material, the self produced Platinum plus album also features a treasure trove of more Monkees classics from the pen of Michael Nesmith including his psychedelic workouts on "Writing Wrongs" and "Auntie's Municipal Court" which also features the brilliant lead vocal from Micky Dolenz.

More hits abound as Boyce and Hart's "P.O. Box 9847" and the aforementioned "Valerie", which features a solid rock vocal from Davy Jones, truly emphasizes the great material found on this stunning Lp.

Tracks like "Dreamworld" and "We Were Made For Each Other" show a more orchestrated side of the band, as you get to hear stunning strings and horn arrangements thanks to the great jazzman Shorty Rogers.

Michael Nesmith's "Tapioca Tundra" is truly one of his finest Monkees tracks, and was a hit in its own right as the B-Side of "Valerie", which would go on to receive solid airplay as well during the AM Top 40 hit radio era.

The anti-war album closer "Zor and Zam" was a definitive Micky Dolenz masterwork. As one of the more pivotal songs of the times, this Monkees classic insightfully questions "Two little kings playing a game. They gave a war and nobody came"

The Monkees "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" First time Coral Vinyl presentation,
stunning Monophonic sound, and one of the more important albums to revisit for your
Record Store Day 2024 holiday.