USA Colgems Albums
Inner Paper Sleeves

These first sleeves began to show up on later pressings
of the "The Birds.." LP. I've opened a few sealed copies over the years
and some had this sleeve and some didn't.

On the listings for "The Monkees" and "Headquarters"
after the date, it mentions that they are "Special" releases.
Perhaps these were simply the RCA featured album of the month.

I've found this sleeve on copies of "Instant Replay",
"Presents" , "Greatest Hits" and "Changes". But not "Golden Hits"
or "Barrel Full Of Monkees", the latter two were not normal releases anyway.

Under each title the mono versions "COM" have been removed,
except for the mono Birds, which might have been still in print.

The first sleeve has a modified Colgems logo on the Birds jacket that was
corrected on the later issued second sleeve. For a brief period of time,
Colgems toyed with the idea of modifying their symbol by having a gap in the outer "C"
shown here on the Pleasant Valley Sunday picture sleeve.

The actual Birds album never had the modified gap logo (as far as I know).