Germany Record Clubs

SR International

Released in 1967

The Monkees
76449 (SAR 1166-C)


Alternate Labels
(Time Missing)


Reissued in 1969

76649 (SAR 1166-C)

SR International was a music club, releasing exclusive compilations.

This RCA LP is an odd compilation with songs from "The Monkees"
on side 1 and songs from "More Of The Monkees" on side 2.


Deutscher Schallplattenclub

Released in 1967

The Monkees
SBR 1164-C (H 232)


Alternate Labels
(Time Added)

Deutscher Schallplattenclub was a German entertainment club,
where members could buy products at a special price.

Like the one above, side one has selections from the first album
and side two the second album.


Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft

Released in 1968

The Monkees
SGR 1164-C (6280)

Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft was a German Book Club.
They issued the same LP as the one above,
but with slightly different labels and this unique 'Pisces' LP jacket.



Released in 1968

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn
& Jones Ltd.
SHZT 559


SHZT 559
Promo Sticker

Hörzu is a German weekly TV magazine and
starting in the 60's they produced and released records as a subsidiary of EMI.

They acquired the rights from German record companies to advertise (in their magazine)
and sell LPs through their mail-order department to make it easier for people to buy records.

They were considered a discount label, much like the record clubs.

This was the only release for the Monkees on this label.