Guard Scene albums

These records were used as a syndicated radio program sponsored by The National Guard
called "Guard Scene: Your National Guard Top - 40 Radio Show".

Each LP has four 15 minute segments featuring one or more artist plugging their hit songs,
and the host, Ed Baer will ask one or two questions about how they met,
the song they are plugging, etc.

Ed Baer was one of the WMCA "Good Guys" from New York, a team of popular DJ's.

All the LP jackets are the same, front and back,
with only a sticker on the reverse describing that LPs artists and songs.

I believe these promotional records were only made from 1967-69.

LP Jacket


NGC 101-104
August-September 1967

I'm A Believer/Pleasant Valley Sunday/
I Wanna Be Free/(Theme From) The Monkees

Davy talks about his new record label, listening to the Beatles and how he doesn't
dislike playing Monkees music but its not really his 'bag'! When asked what his favorite Monkee song
might be, he declined to answer but did say that he liked the idea behind the song "I Wanna Be Free".

Later Peter talks about the "Madness" ad announcing auditions for the show in Variety
and goes on to say that some of the guys who tried out, but didn't make it,
had become prop men or were on tour with them right now.

The host references their newest recording "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
which was released on July 3; with advanced sales it was already a gold record.


NGC 121-124
January 1968

Pleasant Valley Sunday/ I'm A Believer/
Daydream Believer


NGC 133-136
March-April 1968

Tapioca Tundra/

You can listen to the interview here.