"Famous American Stars" Series
Head Promotional albums

Davy Jones

November 1968


Head Pressbook


From an ebay auction:

"I obtained this record and script during my time with Columbia Pictures/Colgems Music
in NYC in the late 1960's when I worked in the Advertising and Publicity departments.
Record was used by DJs to conduct what seems to be a "live" interview with Davy Jones.
The script shows when a song from the movie would play and when a commercial could be played.
The script also provides "Open Cues and Close Cues" - that is, words that opened or closed
a segment of the interview.

Script indicates a total time of 37 minutes and also shows timing
of music played as part of "interview"."

Fortunately Rhino was able to include this entire program
on the 3rd disc of their 2010 Handmade box set.



Annette Funicello & Tim Carey

November 1968

Side 1 is a ten minute "complete interview" by Dick Strout of
Annette Funicello and Tim Carey about their respective roles and the making of the film.

Side 2 is an "open-end interview" for use with a local DJ.

It also included a 2-page Q & A sheet.


Radio Spot Announcements
10" Disc

Radio Promo




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