New Zealand

This was the first Monkee LP I ever bought (even though I got the Italian cassette version).
The double LP, gatefold cover, sleeves with extensive liner notes, discography & photos,
make this truly unique for its time.

"I was heavily involved with this project way back then, it was important
to get on the market as there was no Monkees material available on the market
at the time....we used to scour second hand shops and make do with
compilation cassettes recorded from TV. The sound quality, or lack thereof,
was that there were no masters of the Monkee recordings available
in Australia and we used needle drop recordings from the best quality copies
of the records that could be found among my friends and acquaintances."

-Tom Czarnota on facebook March 26, 2017 and co-author of
Monkeemania: The True Story of the Monkees

See the Australian version for the sleeve pictures.


Released in 1980

Monk 1


Reissued in February 1987
Highest Chart Position: --


This reissue was for both Australia & New Zealand