Glycos Records


The Monkees

Released in 1967



More Of The Monkees

Released in 1967



Inexplicably, these have the exact same catalog number,
and both have"URI-3009" in the dead wax.

The label for MOTM is hand drawn (quite well I might add)
and pasted over another label that may have been the original one.

Both of the front jackets have "stereo" printed on it, the design of which is an exact copy
of what Australia used (as a sticker) on their LPs to denote which pressing it was.
Undoubtedly someone took an Australian pressing to Malaysia and they copied it.

Despite what the jacket & label says, all the songs are in mono.


Viva Records

Released in ?


When and where this was actually made is unclear.
It was probably manufactured for either Malaysia or Singapore.

Snuff Garrett owned Viva Records and this label was used until 1971,
but there is no way RCA would have or could have licensed this music
because at that time these countries did not recognize
the USA's intellectual property rights.

What most likely happened was that whoever created this record,
just used the company label to make it seem to be a legit release, which it wasn't.

A note on Bootlegs, Counterfeits and Piracy