USA Rhino Albums
Christmas Party

Released on September 13, 2019
Highest Chart Position: --

Released 11 months after the CD version

Yielded a double single for Black Friday Record Store Day

Jackets are the same for each version and have a
mistake with the lyrics for "Unwrap You At Christmas"


Hype Sticker Comparison


R1 573134
180g Black vinyl



Poster Insert




Released on September 13, 2019

RCV1 573134
5000 copies?

Brick & Mortar stores exclusive

180g vinyl is either red or green and you
won't know which until you open it!



Red Vinyl


Green Vinyl


Released on September 13, 2019

RCV5 573134
1000 copies

180g "Candy Cane" vinyl exclusive



Red & White Vinyl

This now appears to be sold out at