Sounds Of Solid Gold

These were fully sequenced radio programming blocks submitted to stations
to use during their fringe-hours with free programming for them and
free publicity for your local USMC recruiting center.

Each box contained numerous LPs (this one has 13) with each LP
focusing on a certain year with the programs running about 15 minutes.

DJ Marv Brooks who started WMOD-FM, an oldies radio station created these
weekly nationally syndicated public service radio programs
for the Marine Corps beginning in 1969.

There was also programs of "Sounds of Solid Country"
and "Sounds of Solid Soul".

I believe these continued through the 80's with over 50 volumes produced.

The LPs are blank on the back.


Volume 1
Program 13: 1967

I'm A Believer

Marv mentions that this single was at the top of the charts at the beginning of the year,
held that position for 7 weeks, and said "Last Train To Clarksville" was also #1.