Canada's Madacy Entertainment partnered with
Warner Custom Products to issue this set in a metal tin.

Even though this was marketed and sold in the USA,
the only address on the rear tin is Canadian, so it's listed here for now.

Rhino had previously released the first two CDs in 1997-98 as a part of the
"Flashback" value priced music line. Released concurrently with this set
was the third disc "Last Train To Clarksville And Other Hits".

The enclosed digipak has a slightly different UPC and catalog number (TCD2 53210)
which would allow it to be sold without the case and booklet,
but it is unknown if any were sold that way.

Each CD is given a unique catalog number on the reverse of the tin case,
but that number is not found on the CD itself.


Released on September 18, 2007
TC2 53210


Metal Case





Digipak CD Set