Kid Rhino CDs
Barrelful Of Monkees

Rhino Entertainment founded Kid Rhino in February 1991 to
create audio & video family entertainment products.

This is the lone release for the Monkees on this label.

The long box with the peg-hook was released in toy stores,
retail shops, etc. to reach non-traditional music markets.

"Porpoise Song" is a solo version by Micky from his album, 
"Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep" also on Kid Rhino.

Artist Scott Shaw drew the animated monkeys on the cover
which were more prominently featured on the long box packaging.

Released on March 12, 1996

R2 72406
Long Box


R2 72407
The catalog number was changed
for releases without the long box.


R2 72407
Gold Foil Promo Stamped


Colombia Record Club

R2 72407


Also released on cassette.