Instant Replay
Box Set

Pre-orders began on October 25, 2011 and it was officially released
on November 22; however it took until September 2019 to finally sell out.

This box set was not limited or numbered,
but reportedly they produced 6000 copies for sale.

November 22, 2011
RHM2 528791



Bonus Single:

More info on this single


From the Rhino email:

"Rhino Handmade hits rewind on INSTANT REPLAY with a limited triple-disc DELUXE EDITION packed with
rarities, as well as 58 unreleased recordings, backing tracks and a generous selection of stereo and mono
mixes for both album and non-album cuts. As a bonus, the set comes with a 45-rpm vinyl single that includes
the one-of-a-kind acetate versions of “I Go Ape” and “(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love.” "