Davy Jones
7A Records
The Bell Records Story

Released on February 23, 2024,
but began shipping a week early

7A056 CD


Gatefold LP & Emerald Green Vinyl

Press Release:

7A Records is proud to present Davy Jones "The Bell Records Story". A lavish reissue of Davy Jones' self-titled album remastered with 6 bonus tracks. Released on February 23rd, the CD version comes with a big 36 page colour booklet, extensive liner notes from Monkees historian Mark Kleiner and rare and previously unseen pictures. The vinyl version comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on 180g transparent green vinyl. This reissue gives fans the opportunity to reassess an album that was unfairly neglected by record buyers at the time of its initial release in the fall of 1971.

Prior to entering the studio with producer Jackie Mills, Jones had recorded a batch of more somber and adult contemporary-sounding demos than the eventual Bell recordings of big band sunshine pop. While the latter played quite squarely into Jones’ established image; the former suggested another path that may (or may not) have launched Jones into a more fecund musical and commercial direction. Who can say? At the end of the day, we have these recordings and their manifold (and for too long overlooked) pleasures to enjoy, a worthy entry in the broad category of early seventies sunshine pop and in the specific canon of Davy Jones and Monkees-related recordings. Here is primetime Davy Jones, singing like an angel, and pointing to a love that leads to joy for all mankind.