Davy Jones
USA MGM Records

Davy signed with MGM in 1972, recording 4 songs for them.
Song titles and recording dates:

September 18, 1972

"Who Was It?" &
"Tears On My Pillow"
October 5, 1972

"You're A Lady"
October 11, 1972

"Tears On My Pillow" was unreleased.

From the book:
The MGM Labels: A Discography, Volume 2, 1961-1982

By Edward Novitsky and Mitchel Ruppli


MGM Company Sleeve


Released in November 1972
Highest Chart Position: --

K 14458

Who Was It?/
You're A Lady


K 14458
Promo 1

Who Was It? (Mono/Stereo)

When "Who Was It?" failed to chart, this second promo was issued
for "You're A Lady", which unfortunately, proved to be equally unpopular.

K 14458
Promo 2
Type 1 Label

You're A Lady/
Who Was It?


K 14458
Promo 2
Type 2 Label


Billboard's review of "Who Was It?"
November 4, 1972


Cash Box
December 16, 1972


Released in January 1973
Highest Chart Position: --

K 14524

Who Was It?


K 14524

Rubberene (Mono/Stereo)