RCA France
"Sono Flash" Sampler

Released in May 1967


A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

These promo only records featured artists from RCA
and sampled about 30 seconds from each song.
A voice in French opens each track with the name of the artist and song.
They were issued to shops so they could decide what to order.

Similar samplers were issued in Italy and Germany.

It's dated May 1967, but I've only seen two of these samplers so far
and number 3 was from July '66, so they weren't pressing these monthly,
maybe they were semi-annual or just irregularly pressed.

The Monkees EP (86.955) mentioned on the back was actually released
in March, so some of these records had already been released.

For the Monkees the voice says "Number one in Cash Box,
The Monkees, A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"

This song was #1 in Cash Box but only charted to #2 in Billboard.