Michael Nesmith
& the first national band
RCA Quad 8

A little history on these tapes:

RCA initially announced they would release 70 Quad 8 titles
between October and December 1970.

Article mentions pricing and a
picture of the original tape/labels.


Original ad with the LP cover art
on the "Quad 8" paperboard sleeves.

Magnetic South is mentioned in the bottom text
as being now available; I put a red rectangle around it.

Even though they announced 70 only 68 of them were made
as the South Pacific soundtrack & Brian Auger's Befour were never released.


Sometime in the middle of '71 RCA was forced to change
their brand name from “Quad 8” to “Q8” after the
Quad Company of England claimed trademark infringement.


A year later no new tapes have been released
and RCA is now advertising them as "Q8"


Another Billboard ad in the August 9, 1975 issue
lists all the RCA Q8 releases still in print
and these two are not there.


Magnetic South

Released in November 1970
(Billboard 11.28.70)

Quad 8

First version with the track "First National Rag" on the label;
unfortunately the song is not on the tape.

(Thanks to Ed Reilly for these photos)


Revised in 1971


MS was also released on vinyl in Japan.


Loose Salute

Released in 1972