Arista 8-Tracks


Greatest Hits

Released in 1976

AT8 4089
Orange Cartridge

This has the big ARISTA logo molded into the cartridge
on the reverse just like the cassette version.


AT8 4089
Black Cartridge


Released in 1977

8301-4089 H

General Recorded Tape (GRT) manufactured reel to reel,
8-tracks and cassettes from 1965 to 1979.

Also found on cassette.


Columbia Record Club




RCA Music Service

S 113564

The RCA Music Service later became BMG.


More Greatest Hits
Of The Monkees

Released in 1982

Colombia Record Club

AT8 2007


Then & Now...
The Best Of The Monkees

Released in 1986

Colombia Record Club

AT9 8432