Thai Nakorn (TK) Records

Released in 1967

TK 37

She/Hold On Girl/
I'm A Believer/The Kind Of Girl I Could Love


Released in 1967

TK 38
Meet The Monkees

(Theme From) The Monkees/Saturday's Child/
I Wanna Be Free/Let's Dance On


TK 38
Alternative Label


Released in 1967

TK 76

Mary, Mary/Laugh/
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)/
Your Auntie Grizelda


Released in 1967

TK 92

You Told Me/You Just May Be The One/
I Can't Get Her Off My Mind/Mr. Webster


Released in 1967

TK 93

For Pete's Sake/Sunny Girlfriend/
No Time/Randy Scouse Git


Released in 1967

TK 103
Pink Picture Sleeve

She/I'm A Believer/
Hold On Girl/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone


TK 103
Orange Picture Sleeve

TK 103
Green Picture Sleeve


Released in 1967

TK 161
Top Picks

Land Of 1000 Dances/Words/
Sweet Pea/Out Of Sight


Released in 1968

TK 163

Salesman/She Hangs Out/
Star Collector/Love Is Only Sleeping


Released in 1968

TK 219

Lady Madonna/The Inner Light/
Valleri/Tapioca Tundra

This unique sleeve was combined from this
Beatles sleeve and this Monkees Ad.


Released in 1968

TK 223

I'll Be Back Up On My Feet/P.O. Box 9847/
Auntie's Municipal Court/Zor And Zam