USA Bell Single
Do It In The Name Of Love/
Lady Jane

Bell 986

Released in April 1971
Highest Chart Position: --


These two songs were recorded at the last session by the Monkees,
in their original incarnation, on September 22, 1970.

The songs however, were not mixed until February 19, 1971
and then released in April. It's unfortunate, because what they should have done
is mixed these sooner and included them on the double LP
"Barrel Full of Monkees" released in January.

Instead this was released under Micky and Davy's names only
(misspelled as "Mickey" on all copies) with no promotional push.

In Japan this record was released
as "The Monkees" with a picture sleeve.

The single did not chart, but it was
mentioned in Billboard:

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Bell 986


Bell 986


Monarch Pressing Plant Δ84442
Easy to spot with the names in BOLD

Bell 986


Bell 986