Colgems Cereal Records

The Monkees TV show returned to the airways on September 13, 1969 on CBS.
These records were created as a marketing tie-in to promote the
Saturday morning show and started showing up in grocery stores in late 1969/early 1970.

There were three different versions (one for each cereal) with four songs possible
for each version so altogether 12 songs. Each record had four song titles on it and a number
stamped into the cardboard telling which song is on that particular record.

Inside the cereal box was a special coupon wherein you could send $1.50
plus 2 Alpha Bits box tops to score The Monkees Golden Hits, featuring, you guessed it,
those same 12 songs, but now on vinyl. The coupon expired on June 30, 1971.




Newspaper Ad

1970 Post Cereals Monkees Records Commercial


Alpha Bits




Rice Krinkles