Relived Records

Released at the 1983 Chicago Monkees Convention
Private Pressing


Steam Engine/

Steam Engine was original recorded in 1969 with Micky on vocals,
and was used in the Saturday morning reruns when they updated the episodes to feature their current hits.

Rainbows is really just a Davy solo tune recorded later on.


Ed Reilly:
Author of The Monkees: A Manufactured Image -
The Ultimate Reference Guide to Monkee Memories and Memorabilia

"I bought a few copies at the 1983 Chicago Monkees convention and they were a limited release specifically for that convention in conjunction with Gary Strobl (coproducer of the convention) and Chip Douglas."

- Hoffman Music Forums


-Leslie (Goldberg) Zimmer:

"From 1979-1986, I started and ran the Monkees Relived Committee. We were not a fan club. We put on Monkee Conventions in Chicago (from 1980-1985) and our last one was in September of 1986 at (what was) the Hollywood Holiday Inn, now a Radisson Hotel in LA. It coincided with the four Monkees reuniting at the Greek Theater. Gary Strobl was an unknown Chicago Monkee fan when he joined my committee in July of 1979."

"It was at one of my conventions that Chip Douglas (Producer of many Monkee hits who has lived in Hawaii for years) premiered the Steam Engine/Rainbows Monkee single."