USA Colgems Albums


The Monkees

September 1966


More Of The Monkees

January 1967


Colgems Sampler

January 1967



May 1967


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn
& Jones Ltd.

November 1967


The Birds, The Bees
& The Monkees

April 1968



November 1968


Instant Replay

February 1969


The Monkees Greatest Hits

June 1969


Film Festival-
16 Great Movie Themes

October 1969


The Monkees Present

October 1969


The Monkees' Golden Hits

Early 1970



June 1970


Barrel Full Of Monkees

January 1971




Jacket Variations


Four Label Types


Production Sample Labels


RCA Pressing Rings




Inner Paper Sleeves